When will I receive my tacking number /order after I complete my purchase?

Located on the check-out page you have various shipment options.

Standard Shipping - {7-10} Business days // Tracking info will be available btwn 4-5 days

Less then 5 days// Tracking info will be available 2-3 days

*please allow 24 hours for USPS system to make available info online* *We are not responsible if USPS has any weather/ shipment delays*

How long is International Shipping?

International shipping takes approximately 7-14 business days for delivery once the standard/shipping method selected at check-out process has already taken place. There is an additional $40 that all international customers will be billed in order for your purchase to be expedited.  

What is your return/exchange policy?

There are NO refunds on orders that have completed payment and have been shipped. You have 24 hours to cancel or void a payment after you purchase. After 24 hours your order will be processed and shipped in the appropriate time frame, and NO refunds will be accepted. You will only be offered store credit only. If you would like to exchange your order. It must be in its EXACT CONDITION YOU RECEIVED IT IN! ANYTHING OTHER THEN THE EXACT CONDITION WILL BE RETURNED BACK TO YOU. Please include a note inside with your transaction ID number, tracking number and the item you are exchanging. Packages do tend to get lost sometimes so please make sure that you include insurance on your shipment.  

How many bundles/hair will I need?

The average person interested in the lengths "12-16" will only need (2) bundles. Any lengths longer then that we recommend three bundles.

*Please note the bundle packages includes three different lengths, and is the only package deal that we offer for textures: Natural Straight, Body wave, and Deep wave.

All orders selected in any other tab, you must input quantity (1) equals one bundle/ one length.. Save it in your cart, and continue shopping to add different lengths, and as many bundles as you will like.

Can Poise Hair be colored/bleached?

Yes, Poise Hair can be colored, and dyed to any color of your choice. However,we letting a professional stylist color your hair to achieve the best results. We also offer customized coloring for an additional $35 per bundle. If you will like this option after you purchase your bundles please include note to seller that you are interested in this service, leave your name and phone number and we will contact you to send you an additional invoice.

How can I protect my investment?

Great products! Excellent Shampoo and Conditioner!! Please be sure to use only shampoo that is Sulfate Free.

* Co-washing your bundles when you first receive them is extremely important. This is how you will remain a more silkier appearance, and achieve the best styling results.

* When shampooing keep the hair as straight as possible, DO NOT RUB THE HAIR IN BETWEEN BOTH HANDS OR BALL THE HAIR UP. Keep it detangled by brushing through the hair while shampooing and rinsing. Be sure to rinse hair with Warm water, and to RINSE ALL SUDS out thoroughly.

*Heat protectant Serum/Spray is essential to the life of your Poise Hair. It helps avoid heat damage. Poise hair is 100% raw virgin hair so you should treat it as your natural hair. If you're going to be flat-ironing it or styling it daily, please use the spray before hand. That way it won't damage your hair. Heat damage will cause severe shedding,

*Sleep with a silk scarf, Satin pillow case, Bonnet, or Scarf daily.